I’d say every last Republican-appointed Justice deserves it. But even if you haul ’em in front of the Senate, you’re never going to find seventeen Republican votes to remove them from the bench.

However, there’s a solution that doesn’t require 67 Senators. It requires 52, 53 if you want to be safe.

If we can’t remove these clowns from the Court, the next best thing we can do is check their power. Pass laws that guarantee the right to choose. Maybe even pass some reforms.

So why aren’t Dems doing that now? The damn filibuster. As it stands, you need 60 votes to accomplish anything, and good luck finding ten Republicans willing to make things better. Hell, good luck finding one!

As we all know by now, we’ve got two Democrats who still think the filibuster is worth it, and no Republicans willing to cross over. So this November, we need at least two more anti-filibuster Senators than we currently have.

So here are some folks you need to get to know:

John Fetterman for PA Senate

Cheri Beasley for NC Senate

Tim Ryan for OH Senate

• Whoever ends up running for Dems in Wisconsin – the primary is August 9th.

What do all these candidates have in common? They all support eliminating the filibuster (all the major ones in WI do), and they’d all replace a Senator who supports keeping the filibuster.

You get to 50 anti-filibuster folks, you can get shit done with 50 votes. And if Dems have the votes to remove the filibuster, they also have the votes to pass laws like a federal abortion law. As a side benefit, if one of the horror shows on the Court croaks when we’ve got 50 Senators, we get to name their replacement!

This is the most direct, plausible route to reinstating the right to choose federally. It’s also the most direct, plausible route to reforming the Supreme Court. But it’s not an easy one, and we’ll all have to work hard for it.

If you’re ready to do the work, volunteer for all these candidates (and for state-level Dems, who’ve been crushing it the last 48 hours. Between 81 County Prosecutors refusing to enforce abortion bans, and blue states already codifying the right to choose, their importance can’t be overstated!)