In my wellness approach with clients and on my Facebook Group Page,, I talk about the “Mind-F*ck”.

The Mind-F*ck is all the little ways we let our thoughts control our actions to sabotage progress in any given area of our lives. This applies to EVERYTHING – Weight loss, careers, relationships, financial goals… the list is endless.   To be honest, my entire business is built around being #done with this type of behavior, because living a healthy lifestyle means starting with your mind first.

And while I could list dozens of things that contribute to the overall Mind-F*ckery of life; today’s topic is the SCALE.

Oh, that scale! 

Such a simple machine, but such a devious Master.  

Why Master? 

Because the scale can control us.  

It can control how we think, how we feel about ourselves, what we eat…. And WE give it that power.

How do we stop it? 

By putting it away. 

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?? 

It’s not. 

For YEARS I was addicted to the number on that little machine. It controlled my life. I got on daily (sometimes multiple times in a day…especially after starving myself!) and the number that appeared before my eyes dictated the way I felt about myself for days.  You see, I can fluctuate up to 6 lbs. on any given day. 

So, if I didn’t weigh myself at the exact – and I mean exact –  time EVERY SINGLE DAY, the number on the scale could be off a few pounds. And because I wasn’t educated about all the factors that could contribute to those weight fluctuations, the number on the scale became my obsession. And ultimately, my downfall.  

And I’m not the only one.  Most of the people I talk to and/or work with feel the exact same way.  

What an incredible power to give to a machine. 

Generally speaking, it’s a machine that can only give a reflection of the overall mass of an object and most can’t discern for water, muscle, fat, bone, clothing, etc. 

There are numerous factors that can contribute to weight fluctuations that have nothing to do with actual fat gain, like: Fluid retention, hormone imbalance, dehydration, and histamine response to food allergies… just to name a few.

What if we took that power away from a cold, metal, inanimate object and instead gave the power to the incredible machine that is our BODY??

What if we decided to say F*CK YOU to the scale and be done with feeling bad about a number that is not the only true reflection of our health? #fitnotskinny #youarenotanumber

What if we decided that we loved ourselves enough to see the big picture and to continue our healthy lifestyles and not punish ourselves with another Mind-F*ck?

When you are truly ready to begin the journey toward a lifestyle change and not simply another diet; use the scale as a tool and not as a weapon to punish your body.   Weigh yourself occasionally.  Maybe every 4 months or so. 

But don’t let it be the ONLY factor that determines your success. 

I am in better shape both physically and mentally than I have been in decades. My Type-2 Diabetes is gone and I am not on any of the prescription medications that previously controlled my life.  

THAT is the true reflection of my health… not my scale.

Giving up the scale and the daily weigh-in are the biggest factors in allowing me to continue my journey and keep the weight off for over four years.

What are your thoughts on the scale sabotage? I’d love to have you weigh in!  ? 

Author: Tricia Lynn
Certified Health & Wellness Coach -The Weigh It Is