The January 6th committee the big lie trump

The January 6th Committee is showing how Donald Trump tried to manipulate people with the Big Lie. He tried to stay in power even when he knew that he had lost the elections. When he found himself unable to hold on, he used his last arrow. Trump tried to overturn the elections by claiming ‘Stolen Elections’. The Situation became worse when his supporters attacked the US Capitol Building in Washington DC. Their aim was to keep Trump in power by stopping joint session of congress from certifying the votes. It caused a huge damage to the building and it was the highest point of Trump’s 7-part plan.

He first summoned his supporters then enraged them by saying ‘if you don’t fight like a hell, you are not going to have a country anymore.’ Then hours after they started to riot, he told them to ‘go home in peace’. It was all a part of his Big Lie manipulation plan to overturn the situation in his favor. Later a committee was selected to find the truth behind January 6th attack on Capitol. The aim was to investigate the attack and a public hearing about the myth of stolen elections.

The Jan 6th Committee Hearings

Six hearings have now been held which has proven that Trump knew the fact that he has lost. The Big Lie was created. He tried to manipulate the truth and wanted to change the outcome of the election. Many things have been made clear by now. CCTV footage has proven the involvement of Proud Boys. The hearings have shown that trump knew that he has lost. He tried to overturned the elections by manipulation and accusation of fraud in the elections. He pressured his members to find votes for him. It is clear that the January 6th attack’s aim was to threatened vice-president Mike Pence. The goal was prevent the certification of votes and reject Joe Biden’s victory.

Proud Boys January 6th Committee

Upcoming hearing will be focusing on the planning of the January 6th, 2021 riot. They will show involvement of groups like Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters. Upcoming hearings will also focus on the role of other extremist groups. They will also show the former president’s whereabouts at that time, and what he was doing. Another highlight will also be Trump’s tweets. One in which he criticized Vice president Mike Pence for lacking ‘courage’ while angry protesters were demanding for Mike Pence’s hanging.

Upcoming hearings will be a surprise for many people. They are going to explore the link of connecting Trump with a federal crime. Lawmakers will highlight the meeting on 18 Dec. 2020 at the White House in which Trump’s advisors gave the idea of seizing voting machines and invoking national security emergency powers. If all of these things are true then trump will be a object of federal and public crimes.

Steve Bannon

Now Trump’s former advisor Steve Bannon has appeared at the scene and wants to testify before the Jan 6 committee.  According to experts, this will not affect the actual case but can be a further proceeding in this regard. Steve Bannon, who is set to go to trial as he defied a congressional invitation. He said that he was free to ignore congressional subpoena. But according to federal prosecutors privilege does not apply to Bannon because he was already left his position a long time before the riot. This past weekend Trump has waived claims of executive privilege but really he had none to waive.

Bannon’s appearing on the scene is a surprising factor as he was not ready to testify and ignored congressional subpoena but suddenly he has himself claimed to want to testify in Jan 6th committee. Maybe it is because of Trump’s letter which states “Therefore, if you reach an agreement on a time and place for your testimony, I will waive Executive Privilege for you, which allows you to go in and testify truthfully and fairly”. January 6th committee is interested to speak to Bannon about his conversations with Trump as he was his advisor. He is now set to go to trial on July 18, 2022.

Committee Hearings and Bannon’s willingness to testify publicly all points to the fact that the truth is about to be disclosed. January 6th riot has caused a huge damage to the base of the American government and truth should be unveiled as soon as possible. The former President’s manipulation of truth lead to the attack of capitol building. Truth can never be manipulated as it is like a water, clear and uncolored.