Four years ago, there were two candidates for President, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump promised to bring change and Hillary Clinton was expected to carry on Obama’s polices. Voters liked the idea of novelty and gave Donald Trump their vote but expectations were shattered within the first few weeks of Trump’s presidency. Biden learned from the mistakes of Hillary Clinton and entered the Presidential race with the promise of reviving the country from the damage done by Donald Trump. There are five factors that helped Biden to run a winning campaign.

Appealing to the voters

Hillary Clinton helped Trump to win the 2016 presidential election more than anything. She failed to reach the emotions of voters through her words and message. Donald Trump was a master of this art. He knows how to appeal to the emotional side of voters. He introduced the factor of fear to attract voters by classifying Clinton and Democrats as someone to be afraid of. He established rhetoric to appeal to religious groups such as Evangelic Christians and White Supremacists while Clinton failed to counter this move. Biden learned and established rhetoric on the failures of Donald Trump. He persuaded voters to ask two questions. Firstly, if they are satisfied with the Trump Administration and secondly, do they have a better alternative. Voters pondered on these questions and in the end, their answer was Joe Biden.

Injecting more money in Campaign

Another factor that cost Hillary Clinton the presidency was that she failed to collect enough money to run a successful campaign. With people like Trump in the game, Biden knew that he woupd have to run a billion-dollar campaign. The data shows that the Biden campaign spent $77 million in the last week of the election alone as compared to $40 million for the Trump team. Trump considered money as his advantage over the Democrats but Biden defeated him in that arena.

Making COVID19 the priority

COVID-19 is the biggest factor that took the presidency from Donald Trump and gave it to Joe Biden. The Trump Administration failed miserably in controlling the pandemic, so Biden promised to provide the country with an effective strategy to fight the worst crisis ever faced. Americans are fed up with the virus and right now everyone wants to see it end. They knew that Trump could not deliver.

Reaching Senior Americans

For two decades Democrats have been failing to reach the senior population of the country. President Barak Obama was able to get only 45 percent vote from the senior population where Trump managed to attract 55 percent of the votes from the senior population. Biden observed that situation and results show that Biden got a considerable lead as a favorite candidate of the senior population. According to Fox News shows Biden lead the age group over 65 by 10 points.

Tragic flaw of Trump

The 2020 presidential elections established Trump as a Greek Tragedy Character who brings on his own downfall. It would not be wrong to say that Trump was the cause of his demise with his policies of hate and destruction.

In Democracy, elections are the examinations where incumbents are tested by the public. The voter holds the real power. When the time came for Trump, he was not prepared, he had no policy and no strategy to get back into the oval office. Trump is trying to cheat by making the electoral process controversial but the public had tested him and rejected him.