Dua Lipa: Future Nostalgia- New Music Review

Dua Lipa has always been known best for her British accent and strong vocals. In this pandemic year, she took the sound decision to entertain her fans and released her second studio album on the 27th of March, 2020 by Warner Records. 

This album is the true depiction of nostalgia and pop as Dua made a team of legendary pop artists and producers to create the effect of electronic music and dance-pop, and revive the nostalgic moments of her childhood. It is more than just a memory to Lipa more an emotional attachment. 

Future Nostalgia acts as an evocative album from the past 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. Dua has made a fusion of styles that turned out to be the reason for liveliness in the environment that lacked behind in the chaos of the pandemic. 

The singer has released five singles in her album along with the title track which was released in 2019 as a promotional single, titled “Don’t Start Now” it has attained success commercially as well as critically. The lead single had reached the top three entry on the “Billboard Hot 100 Chart”. This promotional song had escalated the hype of the album to the top. The second and third singles of this album, “Physical” and “break my heart” respectively made it to the top 10 on the UK Singles Chart.

Lipa’s album had received accomplishments from the music critics upon its release, also it has topped the charts in 13 countries along with the reach of top 10 in 31 countries. Lipa seemed to have revived pop culture with a vision of future pop fusion music.