Republican Attempts to Overturn The Election Are “Pathetic”

Most Americans don’t care about government beyond what affects their pocketbook.

Like it or not, Biden is taking the blame for inflation and high gas prices. If Democrats want to change that, they need a full-court press on changing the narrative.

Blame OPEC and oil companies for continuing to throttle supply. Blame Wall Street as a whole for jacking up prices and reporting record profits while everyone else suffers. Put forward legislation, such as a windfall profits tax and direct the revenue to programs that immediately benefit the people (and if Republicans get in the way, roll that into the PR campaign, too)

But do it NOW, do it EVERYWHERE, and don’t stop beating that drum until November.

This is the real issue.

We are likely heading into recession territory. We have historic inflation, coupled with a bear market, right as we transition to QT for the first time in 13? years.

We’re sitting in unprecedented waters globally. Fighting inflation and a recession? Stagflation as it’s been described. This doesn’t happen.

Now I know this isn’t all the DNCs fault. The Fed controls rates, and half the insane money printing happened under Trump, but that doesn’t matter to your average voter.

This is, inevitably, Bidens recession and Bidens inflation.

I continue to see polls say the midterms are split…

I don’t see it. I see them getting crushed, and I hope I’m wrong.

BUT. If I’m right?

None of these policies get passed after mids. No help comes to Americans who need it. No corporations get slapped.

Long slow crawl out of a full blown recession, and do we believe people will get out and vote Biden in 24? Nah. Not unless they do major legislation before the midterms.