Everything about the SCOTUS decision on Roe v. Wade is dangerous and scary; it is anti-democratic, furthers the regression of human rights and is in essence, just a massive “sledge hammer” to women’s rights in this country. It destroys the separation of religion and state that Republicans have lately been hellbent on mounting a campaign to destroy. This decision is monumental for all the wrong reasons. It is one of the unfortunate rare instances where a developed country actually loses rights. Not in the same way Americans “lost” rights with the PATRIOT Act, but in a manner where the livelihoods of millions of people will definitively be impacted in a negative way.

It is especially ironic coming from the aisle of idiocy and denial that whines about imaginary instances of rights being taken away whilst doing their absolute hardest to restrict the rights of women on a daily basis; all culminating into this decision that wasn’t predicated on any rational decision-making, wasn’t based off of science, wasn’t rooted in the interests of the statistic majority of Americans, that certainly wasn’t in the interest of advancing and protecting women’s rights, just religion… the same religious motives that the Founding Fathers, incapable of any wrongdoing or misjudgment in the eyes of Republicans, explicitly tried to separate from the governance of the nation. The irony, of course, continues to expand because the ideology of Republicans and their nature as toxic parasites incapable of any compassion contradicts the values of Christianity and Jesus they claim to so value. But hell, this is the same base that sees no issues with political lectures in “churches” by “pastors” making millions of dollars annually, and the head of their “family and Christian values” party being a thrice-married billionaire adulterer who acts as all but a supposed god-fearing man whose closest proximity to a Church was holding up a Bible while threatening protestors on racial injustice with military force.

Don’t expect the bastion of idiocy known as the GOP to back down. They are emboldened by this, and judging by the comments of injustice Thomas, you can bet your asses they’ll be coming after the rights of LGBTQ Americans as well.

And for those who will feel the urge to accuse me of not understanding the religious “rationality” behind all this, I am catholic; but thank God I’ve been able to understand that this is a country, not a place of worship. My beliefs are not what other’s must believe.