Chuckster’s on route 4 in Chichester, NH is AMAZING and the best family fun around Concord. I took my family there for the first time this Saturday and spent way more time and had way more fun then I expected. Everyone in the family had the best time and the prices were right! Their hours are 10am to 10pm everyday except Sunday is 12pm to 9pm. I knew they had mini golf and that is all I was expecting to do but we quickly found ourselves signed up for Almost all of their attractions.

Chuckster’s Best Family Fun Around Concord

There are a few different ways to pay for your family fun in Concord at Chuckster’s. You can decide to just pay for one attraction or buy a day pass. We bought full day passes for our two kids. The passes are only $38 bucks. When you compare that to other activities around Concord NH for the family, that is a steal. Evening passes are only 25 bucks and you can do it one attraction at a time. A round of golf is $9.50. They have a ton of ways to pay and a lot of options. You will certainly find a rate that fits your budget.

They have a TON of things to do, mini golf, go-karts, zipline, batting cages, Food and ice-cream, bumper boats, massive slide, climbing wall, trampoline jumpy things, and so so so much more. I got some ice-cream that was cookie dough and Oreos. Was the best that I have ever had.

Chuckster's family fun in Concord

Mini Golf

This is an amazing mini golf course. The course features the longest miniature golf hole on the planet! 201 feet  long. All the clubs are in good condition and the holes are all impeccable well kept. No ripped grass or anything like that. Everything was awesome! We opted to buy special fancy balls too for our family fun day around Concord! You can use the free regular balls at Chuckster’s but we decided to get an upgrade to decretive balls. I got Spiderman and my oldest daughter got a Pokémon ball.


These are not the gas powered loud smelly monsters of our youth, NO! These are immaculately kept electric go-karts that go SO FAST. Each cart has two seats, so I was able to go with my daughter and drive her around despite her being only 6.

Batting Cages

My kids didn’t want to test out the batting cages but I had fun hitting the balls. Everything worked great and I felt like Ted Williams. My children so impressed with the “home runs” I was hitting. I must admit, I doubt my contacts would have made it out of the infield of Fenway Park but my family cheered me on.

Bumper Boats

Basically wet go carts right? The staff helped my kiddos in and out of the boats and were so patient and kind. It allowed my wife and I to quietly watch from the “observation deck” and see the kids get wet. You can really control how much you want to get wet and our kids decided that ‘soaked’ was what they wanted on our family fun day around Concord.

Jumpsters and Climbing Wall

My kids spent most of there time here. Since there was not much of a line while we were here, they were able to jump and climb for as long as they wanted. Their little faces were filled with smiles the entire time. The staff were knowledgeable and I felt completely at ease with my kids many feet in the air. They obviously followed safety protocols and everything was great.


I can not say enough about the staff. Everyone was friendly and helpful and had a smile. They all seemed to be older teenagers but we very helpful. The owner should give everyone who worked July 9, 2022 from 10am to 2pm a 10 buck bonus. Their attention to detail made this trip they best family fun in concord that we have had in a long time. I especially want to thank the young gentleman at the go-karts who laughed at my “dad joke”… “I turn left, right?”

Chuckster’s Best Family Fun Around Concord

Chuckster’s Family Fun Park
Address: 9 Bailey Road, Chichester, NH 03258
Phone: (603) 798-3555

Email: [email protected]