The tension between the US and China has been escalating since last year. Both countries are on critical terms. Recently, another development took place as two missiles including an air craft carrier-killer missile were fired by Beijing into the South-China Sea to warn the United States of any potential adventure.

The two missiles fired included a DF-26 missile and a DF-21 missile. The DF-26 is used for striking on naval or ground targets. The second one DF-21 is an anti-ship missile. Additionally, the DF-21 is said to be the best of its kind.
These strikes come after a suspected increase in the presence of the United States in the region. The event took a sharp turn after the visit of US Heath Secretary to the Paracel Island. This island is one the chain of islands claimed by China to be her territory. Chinese foreign ministry has repeatedly suggested that this visit will be a threat to the peace and stability of the region. They have said that Taiwan’s issue is a critical point of the US-China relationship. The visit according to China was a violation of US commitment to Taiwan issue.

On the other side, US Health Secretary Alex Azar claim that the visit was meant to develop coordination over COVID-19 response.

The missile strike was a warning for the United States that China holds the position of defending itself. As a response to the missile strikes US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has warned Beijing for creating a naval empire in the South-China Sea. Unites States has currently sent USS Nimitz and Ronald Reagan to protect the sovereignty of states such as Vietnam, Taiwan, and the Philippines against any unlawful action by China.