Bud Selig: 'For the Good of the Game' book review

Bud Selig is the Hall of Fame former Commissioner of baseball. While the cover promises an inside story of inside baseball, it goes even further than that. It’s a deep dive into Selig’s life history in the game, from his childhood to his position at the top. It’s all there, as he saw it. How did he end up owning the Brewers? Did his time as an owner go well? How did he make it to the commissioner’s office? What was it like during the steroid era? Why did Joe Torre’s Yankees get away with everything? It’s all there in great detail.

‘For the Good of the Game’

I’ll admit, the only reason I bought Bud Selig’s book is the sticker on the front. I figured that if nothing else, having the autograph of a baseball Hall of Famer would be a good thing. I wasn’t sure I’d ever actually get around to reading it. But I found myself with some extra time on my hands recently, so I gave it a go.

Boy, am I glad I did

This book was an incredible in depth look at a section of baseball that I never hear. Honestly, my only complaint is that it’s two short. I want at least two books. One with Bud Selig’s time with the Brewers, and one about his time at MLB. Because as detailed as this retelling was, I still want to know more. How does a car salesman get an audience with the commissioner of baseball to discuss buying a team? How does Joe Torre end up sleeping on this couch? There were too many times where the story would say “I sold a car to Frank Torre, and when his brother needed a place to stay he stayed with me.” There’s more of a story there. I’ve never asked my car salesman to house a family member. But, the stuff that was there was top notch.

Bud Selig’s book is a must read

Bud Selig’s retelling of the Braves moving to Atlanta or ruling baseball during the steroid era are must reads. Naturally, he’s telling the story so it’s probably a bit slanted. But, still something every baseball fan needs to hear. As is the rest of the book.

Rating: 4 bases

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