The Whitehouse, including trump was aware that there was a specific risk of violence against the capital. They did not pass this information to capital security or increase security presence. They were aware of the plan for the crowd to move to the capital building and indeed the president intended to go there with them as early as January 2, and indeed had made plans specifically to do that. That the crowd was armed and the president and staffers were aware that it was armed. Trump asked that scanners be turned off so that the armed attendees could join the main demonstration. Several senior officials advised specifically against directing the crowd to the capital, advising that they were committing obstruction of justice and defrauding the election. The secret service expressed concerns about the armed crowd, to which Trump responded “They aren’t here to hurt me.”

Knowing all of this, Trump directed this armed crowd to the capital building, which deliberately had inadequate security to contain that crowd.

“I’M THE FUCKING PRESIDENT! TAKE ME UP TO THE CAPITOL NOW!” Trump yelled at the Secret Service and tried to grab the steering wheel and then physically attacked the Secret Service to try to stop them from taking him to the White House. Also, attacked his Secret Service. Threw tantrums in the Oval, which included ketchup on the walls

So to summarize the biggest bombshells today:

1. After his speech on 1/6, Trump demanded that he go to the Capitol. When his Secret Service told him that wasn’t possible, he tried to grab the steering wheel of The Beast and assaulted his secret service agent.

2. Trump was aware that his supporters were armed, and tried to get the metal detectors removed that prevented people from getting into his speech with weapons because they “weren’t there to harm me”, with me being Trump.

3. Mark Meadows knew Trump didn’t want to stop the rioters, and didn’t even do anything about it until WH Counsel basically forced him to go talk to Trump.

4. Trump and WH Counsel were talking about the Pence death chants right before Trump sent out the Pence tweet at 2:24, and Meadows acknowledged to WH Counsel that Trump thought Pence deserved to die and agreed with the rioters.

5. The only people able to reach the President were members of Fox News (Sean Hannity). Not his children, not WH staff, not his Chief of Staff – only Fox News people.

6. Meadows requested that the language about pardoning the rioters be included in Trump’s statement. We all know later that Meadows requested a pardon from Trump.

7. Several witnesses had people reach out to them in an attempt to intimidate or influence their testimony/deposition, and the committee knows who those people are.

8. Michael Flynn invoked the 5th amendment when being asked if he believes in the peaceful transition of power. He also pleaded the 5th when being asked if he believed the violence on 1/6 was justified morally and/or legally.

9. There were 3 general camps of administration/campaign officials with regards to how the administration should respond to the insurrection: Camp 1 included those who wanted the President to condemn the violence, Camp 2 were the “neutral” people, and Camp 3 was the “deflect and blame” people who wanted to claim it was Antifa/BLM. Meadows was in the Camp 3.

10. DOJ and SS were aware of plans for armed rioters at capital days in advance of Jan 6. Police were reporting armed rioters before the attack.