Joe Biden Appeal to bring an End to “Needless Violence”

Biden made an agreement with Moscow Mitch that if he nominated this one anti-abortion lawyer to Kentucky, McConnell wouldn’t block Biden’s federal judicial appointments when Republicans (probably) win back the Senate this year.

Unfortunately Democrats have a 50/50 tie in the Senate, and 2 of those Democrats took it upon themselves to decide that all legislation and votes must be bipartisan. Only 96% of Democratic Senators are on the record voting in favor of filibuster reform, meaning that the other 269 Democrats in the federal government are prevented from passing the kind of inspirational, motivational, and exciting legislation that people say will get them to vote.

So Biden is in a spot, he knows that he can’t rely on Democrats to show up and keep the tie in the Senate this November, he saw what happened in 1994 and 2010, so he’s forced to do damage control. Worst case scenario Kentucky gets the least-worst anti-abortion judge that Biden can find, best case scenario McConnell keeps his promise and lets Biden fill more judicial vacancies. Otherwise, there will be NOTHING done for the next two years. Nothing.

It’s a lousy deal, but voters only gave Democrats a tie in the Senate in 2020, they didn’t give Democrats the power to pass the kind of inspirational and motivational legislation needed to excite themselves to vote in November, so Biden is doing the least-worst damage control he can before we lose control of the legislative branch for another eight or fourteen years.

Is it Lucy with the football again and again? Probably. But until democrats start showing up at the polls, we are forced to play Charlie Brown.