Joe Biden Appeal to bring an End to “Needless Violence”

President Joe Biden was inaugurated 17 months ago. There was no civil transition of power. His predecessor didn’t even attend the inauguration. What he inherited was a complete debacle created by a man that was an incompetent buffoon who immediately took all of the credit for the successes of his predecessor whom he had labeled “a complete disaster”.

The right embraced Mr. Biden’s predecessor along with all of his lies and claims of how he alone had created a robust economy and America’s strong standing and respect around the world, pretty much overnight.

They embraced his foul language, his mendacity, his vulgar attacks on anyone who dared to disagree with him, his finger pointing and his excuses, when things didn’t work out.

Today, President Joe Biden is working hard to clean up the mess he has inherited. He isn’t pointing fingers, making excuses, whining about how badly he is being treated or hurling insults. He is methodically working to fix our problems. He is quietly overcoming the obstacles in his path. He is ignoring the insults, the disrespect, the name calling and the bullying. He is rising above it all to get his work done.

Against formidable opposition at every turn, he is achieving his goals. He is a good man. He is my president and I support him in his endeavors. You can tell a great deal about the worth of a man by how he is perceived by his dog!

NOTHING happens overnight.