Becky Whitley is running for the New Hampshire District 15 State Senate seat. Whitley has been a lawyer and a mom dedicated to public service. She was recognized as the 2019 Citizen of the Year by the New Hampshire chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. Currently she serves on the Board of Advisors for the Rudman Center for Justice, Leadership and Public Service, and is a member of the Christian Education Board at the First Congregational Church of Hopkinton, NH. Now she is ready to serve as your New Hampshire Senator in District 15. Becky was kind enough to sit down from a safe social distance of many miles via email, answer our 5 questions.

What is your top priority when you get to the Senate?

Answer: The current public health and economic crises have laid bare deep inequities in our State we already knew existed – income inequality, housing insecurity, unequal access to healthcare and other health disparities, and disparities in educational opportunities. That’s why I believe we need a multi-pronged and intersectional approach to our COVID economic recovery:
1) Preserve, protect, and build on New Hampshire’s framework of support for our most vulnerable citizens and frontline communities.
2) Reform our tax structure and support public education.
3) Build a clean energy economy.
4) Use federal stimulus funds to complement the priorities in our state budget.

Where were you 3 hours ago and what were you doing?

Answer: I was on the phone with voters! For the past few months I’ve spent every day on the phone, connecting with folks in Henniker, Warner, Hopkinton, and Concord. Listening to the personal stories and lived experiences of individuals and families really highlights the fact that the solutions that made progress yesterday are not the same solutions that will bring us forward today. We need a new voice – someone who will lead with compassion, expertise, on-the-ground experience, and a fresh perspective.

Why did you decide to run for office?

Answer: I entered this race because I think it’s important to have the voice of a working parent in the NH Senate – someone who can be the voice for the next generation of Granite Staters. My whole career has been committed to social justice and public service, as a disability rights lawyer, climate activist and organizer, and child health policy specialist and advocate. I have the expertise and tenacity needed to take on the toughest issues, as well as the hands-on experience in creating systemic change.

What cause are you most passionate about?

I can never pick just one! Climate action, public education, healthcare access, and racial justice are all issues that I’ve worked on throughout my career and within my personal life for the past 20 years.

What is one message you would like to give to your district?

It is time to demand bold and just change that translates our democratic values into meaningful action. This will require fresh perspectives from compassionate leaders who bring a different type of experience to the table. We need a deep commitment to meeting the trials of the moment while building a 21st century New Hampshire that maintains our unique way of life in a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable manner. My fight will always be your fight, and I’m ready to take it to the State Senate. If you’re ready for meaningful action and a better way forward, I ask that you vote for me, Becky Whitley, for NH State Senate District 15.

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