Cold Civil War

Considering our intelligence community, the Mueller report/indictments, and several bipartisan senate intelligent reports pretty much highlight that a Trump is a traitor and Russia relentlessly pushed to put him in power. There are reports that show that Trump has been a Russian asset since around 1987.

The January 6th insurrection brought about by Trump’s disinformation campaign of a big lie that the election was stolen. Trump has spent his entire term dividing out country with disgusting rhetoric, and lies, authoritarian in nature like calling the free press “enemy of the people”.

Trump Is a Russian Asset

Russia declared a cyber/political war on us as early as 2013 in response to NATO expansion. I.e. preventing Ukraine from joining NATO by annexing Crimea and a proxy war in the east side. As well the crippling sanctions of the Magnistky act, which has frozen a lot of Russian oligarch overseas assets

A lot of the Covid19 disinformation was not just a Trump pushing it, it was Russian amplified through social media. Qanon is amplified by Russia, through social media. Trump screwed a lot of health care workers out of support and essential equipment in the early part of the pandemic, because they hit very hard in only blue states. Trump saw it as an attack of neglect on the Democrats.

Every time these things come up the GOP either ignores it, gaslights that it didnt happen or amplifies it to a staggering degree. Trump has been the true enemy of people and tried to overthrow our government through dozens of bogus lawsuits with intent to overturn the election. He then sent his followers to murder Mike Pence and to kill congress. A lot of his followers were led by people like Roger Stone, Alex Jones, Michael Flynn to name a few. All of them are corrupt evil traitors.

Jan 6 Insurrection

Jan 6th was one ‘heroic man saving congress’ away from turning this cold civil war into hot one. Not sure what you personally would have done if you heard Nancy Pelosi was strangled to death, but shit would have became dark, very fast, had that happened. What if AOC was found hiding in a bathroom and then shot or beaten to death. Thank Eugene Goodman for redirecting the mob of terrorists from letting that happen because it was that close. If you say, they never would have killed them, you are wrong. They killed cops and certainly would have killed AOC. Trump personally put loyalists in the DoD and in the capitol police to keep the national guard from intervening, for hours. If you listen to Captiol police that were at the insurrection, they claim it was the most violent event they ever been apart of. With some cops having their eyes gouged out, other losing fingers, many being sprayed by bear mace or beating beaten, others committing suicide because it was so traumatic.

When our intelligence community, the FBI, CIA, NSA, wanted to come forward in the fall of 2016 to declare that Russia was attacking our elections with an unprecedented attack of DNC hacks, and rampant and far reaching social media disinformation campaigns. Mitch McConnell declared he would raise hell after Obama requested a bipartisan condemnation against Russia from him. Russia attacked our country and not only did that happen, Republicans welcomed it and amplified it.

Frankly, not sure how this hasn’t been a civil war. It certainly is a Cold Civil War. These 5 years have been an absolute traumatic shit fest and it is because Republicans have been waging a war of disinformation on the country with the help of Fox News, currently being sued by Dominion and Smartmatic for billions of dollars for that war of disinformation, by pushing the big lie that the election was stolen from Trump.

Cold Civil War

People who are trying to stay neutral often phrase it as “polarization.” That term is for disingenious people, because one side of the polarization is based on objectively FALSE conspiracy theories. Polarization implies that both sides (Democrats and Republicans) are extreme, but the reality is that Republicans are extreme as a whole whereas Democrats really aren’t extreme.

Bernie Sanders, AOC, and other progressives aren’t extreme. They’re radical, because “radical” is subjective, and the overton window is so far right in America that the entire republican base thinks that centrism is between white supremacists and Democrats. The reality is that there’s still a large spectrum that exists left of even the most leftist Democrat.

This isn’t polarization… It’s right wing extremism causing “simply else” to take a stance against it.

It truly is a cold civil war, and the movement didn’t die with Trump’s loss. Republicans are an extremist party until they oust the conspiracies that run rampant through their idiot circles.