America is considered to be the champion of Democracy, but it was not always like this. A century back there was an America where women were not allowed to be a part of the democratic process. Then, on 18th August, 1920 the 19th amendment was passed that provided women with the right to vote.

100 years ago the 19th amendment was passed that laid the foundation of modern America. August 18, 2020 marks the hundred year anniversary of that crucial amendment. Although the amendment was passed on August 18th, it was preceded by decades of struggle and protests that ultimately gave women the right to take part in the democratic process.

A team of all women skydivers has decided to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the amendment in a new way. The 11 member team will dive in Nashville, Tennessee as it was that the state where 19th amendment was finally ratified.

The co-founder of the team while talking to a morning show told, “It was a moment in history that we wanted to highlight.” She further told that they wanted to attract attention using skydiving and then divert that attention to the social issues still prevailing in America. She also said that her team will be carrying some flags with slogans while diving. The slogans will be ‘votes for women’, ‘shall not be denied’, ‘equality can’t wait’.

Even though the 19th amendment marks the beginning of a freer America, still there are many issues that are prevailing. These issues are not just related to gender, but cover a wide sphere that includes race, ethnicity, background, color and sexual identity.