There is even a longer list ,but lets keep it to 10.

1.)Spending/Debt– He absolutely wrecked havoc on the national debt. His tax cuts alone added 1 trillion dollars to the national debt. In December 2018, it was revealed they accomplished NOTHING but created a bubble. When you add on the other unnecessary expenditures he accrued and the some ~100M spent on him and his family vacationing. This fails the fiscal conservative test.

2.)Religion– Trump does not have morality, family values, or Christianity. Compared to Hillary, it was a devil vs demon situation. Compared to Biden? Biden is a devout Catholic. His Rosary is always with him. He gave multiple testimonies on how God got him through his loss. Biden has repeatedly has demonstrated that he believes and he’s trying to follow Christ.

3.)Lying– Look politicians lie. I get it. BUT FOR EVERYTHING? The bunker is my favorite lie. The Secret service told him he was in danger and had to go in the White House bunker. But that would require him admitting he was weak. So instead he lied that it was an inspection, with power cut to the White House. This is just one lie in a PILE of lies.

4.)Rescission- The economy was starting to enter a recession in Dec 2018. His tax cuts bought a year, but it wasn’t going to turn around. The Fed started cutting rates to try and buy more time. Which may have gotten us another year, but then the virus happened. Which conveniently hid that fact. But now anyone that takes over has almost nothing to throw at the economic issue.

5.)Impeachment– Schiff laid out a case that was irrefutable. The Senate not hearing additional evidence was not ok. He was impeached.

6.)Photo Op– That photo op that involved beating the clergy of the church and throwing out the head of said church, all to hold up a bible as a prop to try an win over evangelical voters. It was a failure.

7.)Infrastructure– If you want a booming economy, you build your infrastructure to maximize efficiency. Current business profits go up, more jobs in construction, higher wages, and booming stocks. Everyone benefits from better roads, airports, trains, power supply, water supply, and more. But nope…..Nothing from Trump.

8.)China– Who told him tariffs were a good idea. You don’t win a fight by cheating (although as mentioned, yeah he thinks he does), you win it by WINNING! Trump has no way out of his tariff mess.

9.)Russia– This is more recent. Trump asked Russia for and received help. /End of story.

10.)Conservative- Honestly because even as a conservative Trump shows ZERO signs of conservatism.